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Repent and Give your Life to Christ, Broke G**y !- Agradaa to Nana Yeboah.

The beef between Evangelist Mama Pat and Nana Yeboah seems not to end anytime soon. In a heated argument between nana yeboah and evangelist mama pat, there has been serious revelations and claims been made. Nana Yeboah recently replied with a video sometime ago, claiming agradaa should be ready for him. He accepted the g**y allegation,which has triggered evangelist Mama Pat. Mama pat, in a recent video has advised nana yeboah to repent and give his life to christ,find a better skin care routine to get a better

Wasted sin! show what you gained for sleeping with Asamoah Gyan and Medikal- Asantewaa challenged.

Tictock star in other news is allegedly been accused for infidelity,Asantewaa as a married women has not taken the accusations lighthly. shes replied in videos claiming, she doesnt know anything about the ongioing cheating saga attached with her name . It seems the more she replies, the more intimate filla's are released. In a recent video, her friend with some others on tictock live, mentioned names like Asamoah Gyan and Medikal for allegedly having an affair with Asantewaa. They went further to explain

Empty Threats i dont even know your Houses – Asantewaa to Infidelity claims.

Tictock star Asantewaa over sometime has been dragged on social media by friends for alleged infidelity. Shes been bashed with rumours of sleeping with celebrities and gained nothing,with some names mentioned as musician Medikal, and Ex black star player Asamoah Gyan. According to her ex freind Lamini, she claims Asantewaa has nothing to show for sleeping with these celebrities. In reply to this, Asantewaa has dropped a video explaining herself and also saying ,they are just hating her for nothing. She added

Top 5 Most Awarded Artists in Nigeria

The number of accolades won by an artist is one measure of how successful their music career has been. Some of the artists in this category have achieved immense success, adding their names to a lengthy list of national and international honours and acclaim. Nigeria is the best-performing African country in terms of entertainment (namely, music), producing music that inspires people all over the world to nod or twitch to the rhythm. The top five includes; Wizkid Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun (born 16

I have no Regret Whatsoever Because, I Know What I say and who I Refer to”, Sally Mann claims.

Ex producer of the Mcbrown's Kitchen, Sally Mann has for sometime on social media been attacking Mcbrown at any given chance. Sally Mann seems to have a pending issue with Mcbrown due to some of the wild revelations she makes about her. In dragging Mcbrown as ausual ,made a wild revelation and claims about babay Maxin, Mcbrowns daughter. She stated that Mcbrown did not give birth naturally, this caught the attention of ghanians and created a whole brouhaha on social media with Sally Mann recieving bashes to and

I’m a Comfortable G**y – Nana Yeboah to Agradaa.

Kumawood Actor Felix Nana Yeboah is in a heated argument with Evangelist Mama Pat has made a serious revealation about himself. The beef between mama pat and nana yeboah has been on for quite along time ,each one of them attacks the other at the least chance. In a latest video nana yeboah makes a wild allegation and reavelation about himself ,in the video he made attacking the looks of agradaa he went ahead saying that he enjoys been g**y. However,he continued to say that, hes comfortable so agradaa should be

You’ve Not opened any business for me so you cant decide for me – Delay to a social media user.

Media personality and businness mogoul Deloris Frimpong Manso known as Delay ,on her instagram handle has slammed a user with hot blackslash. The business woman on her daily schedules uploaded her brands on her page with videos of production, with people busily doing thier job. All the people in the video seemed to be fair cloured which were predicted as whites,this made a fan comment; ''is the factory in ghana and why are only whites working there?'' . Delay unnespectly came in to reply the social media with a

American Rapper Joe Budden Tags “Burna Boy biggest artiste in the world’

Joe Budden, a veteran American rapper and media figure, has named Grammy-winning Nigerian musician Burna Boy the "biggest artiste in the world." However, after being included in the remix, Budden did not hold back in voicing his anger with Burna's choice to gain the rights to the well-known song . He acknowledges Burna Boy's position as a worldwide music powerhouse but objects to his transferring ownership of Jamaica-based musician Byron Messia's popular song 'Talibans' to himself after being featured in the remix.

Lady Who Accused Bishop Ajagurajah Of Forcefully Sleeping With Her Has Sadly Passed Away

Gladys Ametepe a Germany-based Ghanaian lady who accused the founder and leader of Universal Spiritual Outreach, Bishop Kwabena Asiamah, popularly known as Ajagurajah of allegedy having a forceful affair with her passes on. According to Gladys, the spiritualist forced and lured her into sending sums of money to him and adding her body to it unconciusly. She went further to explain that the initial plan was to see the prophet for healing but it ended up on a different note,it ended up in a sacrifice of a car and

Congratulations to Myself God did , New Mrs! Afia schwar Flaunts diamond ring.

After the mafia gang consisting afia schwar,tracey boakye diamond appiah dissolved ,the next target of the sepereated group was snitching. That was revealed when Naana Brown was in a heated beef with Diamond Appiah revealing secretes and gist reaveled to her by Diamond Appiah. Ghanianians have always slammed afia schwar and diamond with Tracey Boakye's newly adopted behaviour after she got married. In a recent video, afia schwar flaunts a diamond rind and congratulates herself and thanks her anonymous husband for
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