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Lady Who Accused Bishop Ajagurajah Of Forcefully Sleeping With Her Has Sadly Passed Away

Gladys Ametepe a Germany-based Ghanaian lady who accused the founder and leader of Universal Spiritual Outreach, Bishop Kwabena Asiamah, popularly known as Ajagurajah of allegedy having a forceful affair with her passes on.

According to Gladys, the spiritualist forced and lured her into sending sums of money to him and adding her body to it unconciusly.

She went further to explain that the initial plan was to see the prophet for healing but it ended up on a different note,it ended up in a sacrifice of a car and cows over GHC8,000 each , in an interview with Odii Tonardo on his facebook live.

She also claimed the prophet told her the spirits have ordained her as his bride, but she realized a lot of women have been doomed by him ,so decided to alert the public about his actions so no one will fall for it again.

However, Bishop Ajagurajah replied by saying that; When I first started Ajagurajah Movement, they called me a ritualist. They said I had slit a pregnant woman’s throat, hid her in the compound, and always drank her blood. The police even stormed my house because of the allegation. What didn’t they say about me? Yet I’m still here. I am focused. Nobody attacks me spiritually; it will never work. Unless you resort to physical means. And when you resort to physical means, the only thing you can say is that I have slept with some women? stupid!

“I never know Ghanaians were concerned about my sex life this much. I will personally publicize my sex videos for you to watch them. Nothing new can be said, the only thing people will keep saying about me is that I have slept with multiple women, and that I like women. Is it because I earlier said that I’ll marry 20 women? And have other girlfriends?”.

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