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I have no Regret Whatsoever Because, I Know What I say and who I Refer to”, Sally Mann claims.

Ex producer of the Mcbrown’s Kitchen, Sally Mann has for sometime on social media been attacking Mcbrown at any given chance.

Sally Mann seems to have a pending issue with Mcbrown due to some of the wild revelations she makes about her.

In dragging Mcbrown as ausual ,made a wild revelation and claims about babay Maxin, Mcbrowns daughter.

She stated that Mcbrown did not give birth naturally, this caught the attention of ghanians and created a whole brouhaha on social media with Sally Mann recieving bashes to and fro from social media users.

In a latest interview with MC Yaa Yeboah, she was asked y she said that and her reply was;

”i have no regret whatsoever because i know what i was saying and who i was referring to”

watch her interview here;

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