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Repent and Give your Life to Christ, Broke G**y !- Agradaa to Nana Yeboah.

The beef between Evangelist Mama Pat and Nana Yeboah seems not to end anytime soon.

In a heated argument between nana yeboah and evangelist mama pat, there has been serious revelations and claims been made.

Nana Yeboah recently replied with a video sometime ago, claiming agradaa should be ready for him.

He accepted the g**y allegation,which has triggered evangelist Mama Pat.

Mama pat, in a recent video has advised nana yeboah to repent and give his life to christ,find a better skin care routine to get a better skin and also see a qualified doctor for anal care.

As mentioned by Mama Pat,there’s a chronic pain in his anal area hurting him, hence the resolute hatred he’s showing towards her.

She goes ahead to say that, the g**y practice has had a mojor effect on his mind and soul,leaving him with adversity.

Mama Pat also pleaded with Nana Yeboah to pray and look for a joint and start a chop bar for financial assistance.

watch mama Pat’s video here;

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