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Lilian Esoro on Divorce from Ubi Franklin Says, “I’m Willing To Share How I Handled My Pain.”

Actress Lilian Esoro, who works in Nollywood, has made the decision that she is ready to be open and honest about the struggles that she has encountered throughout her life. She plans to do this in the near future. Her struggles include, but are not limited to, encounters with heartbreak, pain, and fears throughout the course of her life. Many of her devoted fans continue to cling to the idea that she will one day shed light on the events that led to the dissolution of her marriage to the well-known and successful Ubi Franklin, despite the fact that they are aware that this is an unlikely event to take place.

Even though it has been reported in the media that the movie star Ubi has had multiple baby mamas, the movie star has been able to avoid any controversies that are connected to her personal life. This is due to the fact that the movie star has been able to keep her personal life private. Because of this, the movie star has been able to avoid having her reputation damaged by any scandals that are associated with her personal life. Because of the union that was formed between Lilian and Ubi, they were successful in having a child.

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