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Oladips Rants About Rappers Lacking Love, Wizkid Not Included

Oladips is a well-known rap artist in his home country of Nigeria, and he recently took to Twitter to issue an apology to Wizkid and his fans, as well as to express his frustration with the lack of appreciation he receives as an indigenous rapper in Nigeria. Oladips called out veteran indigenous rap artists Olamide and Reminisce and went into detail about why they had severed ties with him. Olamide and Reminisce are both considered to be pioneers in the indigenous rap genre.

As he pointed out, up-and-coming rappers do not receive the same support as Afrobeat singers like Davido and Wizkid, so it is obvious that the rap scene does not care as much about them as Afrobeat singers do. After making their displeasure with the musician public, Wizkid FC has taken their anger out on a string of celebrities, with Oladips being the most recent target of their ire.

In a diss track directed at Wizkid, a rising rapper called attention to the fact that the style of rap that Wizkid criticized was crucial to the success of artists such as himself. Oladips, taking aim at a signature Wizkid lyric known as “she tell me say,” urged his coworker to seek clarification before making hasty judgments. The lyric in question can be found here.

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