Sexual Abstinence Is Difficult, Says An Advocate. Discouraged, Olayode


Actress Juliana Olayode, a supporter of abstinence until marriage, recently discussed some of the difficulties she has encountered in this regard. Juliana admitted that she has never before experienced such intense sexual difficulty as she has in the recent months. She also noted that it has been challenging to refrain from sexual activity. Writes Juliana;

“When it comes to my sexual life, the last few months have been the most difficult I’ve ever experienced. All those options were so enticing! AMBIGUOUS!!! Nearly convinced me I’d been possessed, the way you say persin jazz me…

Thank Heaven for God!! On this journey, I was reminded once again, your strength will fail you, and you must rely on God to earn God’s favor. If we try to rely on our own strength to get us through this, we WILL FALL!

In the hopes of inspiring at least one person and letting those of you who believe I have “super powers” see that I, too, am human and that choosing to remain sexually pure is a daily challenge, I have decided to share the ups and downs of my journey.

If you’re struggling and feel like giving up, I hope you’ll read this and be inspired by the words of God and the truth of his Word to keep going.

Please take a moment while watching the video to read the note I left for you in the box below. No matter how challenging things get, may God give us the fortitude and the grace to always choose his ways and to please him. (Amen)”

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