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Ajagurajah Invites Shatta Wale And His Fans for Banku Party

Priest Kwabena Boakye Asiamah, the pioneer behind the Ajagurajah association, has stretched out a solicitation to Dancehall Lord, Shatta Ridge and his fans to come and eat with him.

Ajagurajah welcomed Handkerchief to eat at his congregation in a video message. You might recollect that Ajagurajah said expressly that main the individuals who are considered commendable are approached to join the development.

The Cleric has expressed that to turn into an individual from his congregation, one should have the option to stay quiet paying little mind to what they could conceivably see.

Shatta and his adherents are free to visit Prophet Kwabena’s camp at whatever point they need, he expressed. Ajagurajah has formally invited Shatta Ridge to join his development, putting him the principal on the map individual to do as such.

While the Ajagurajah development has been around for quite a while, nobody has at any point been formally welcome to join.

Individuals from the development get otherworldly insurance from the gathering’s high initiative.

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