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Tell Ghanaians the truth behind your wealth – Lawyer Maurice Ampaw bares teeth at Cheddar, McDan, others

Ghanaian lawful specialist, Maurice Ampaw accepts that the absolute most affluent men in the nation ought to honestly address individuals on the best way to prevail rather than the ‘concoct’ stories they share.

He upbraided business investors like Daniel McKorley otherwise known as McDan, Kweku Oteng, Nana Kwame Bediako otherwise known as Cheddar, and Osei Kwame Notwithstanding for endeavoring to rouse Ghanaian youth adversely.

The big name attorney while imparting his insight on the program Mmra Ne Abrabo Mu Nsem on Wontumi television asked separated characters who frequently share their example of overcoming adversity to bind it with a bit of axiom and quit manufacturing fantastic stories of how they really came to the top.

Allow us to be genuine to the adolescent. You can’t perceive me you began with one plot and presently you have organizations. Come clean with the young. There are different things you want to tell the adolescent. The adolescent ought to gain from Wontumi who has been coming clean with the young” legal counselor Ampaw said on the television program.

“You didn’t start with anything small. Stop lying to the youth. Recently I heard Cheddar saying something and I was sad.

Let us be real to the youth. You can’t tell me you started with one plot and now you have companies. Tell the youth the truth. There are other things you need to tell the youth. The youth should learn from Wontumi who has been telling the youth the truth” lawyer Ampaw said on the TV programme.

In his view, somebody like Director Wontumi has really depicted how he began from nothing and how he battled his direction to the top with tirelessness and assurance.

Legal counselor Ampaw explicitly requested that Cheddar and McDan be honest and tell the adolescent the best way to succeed like how the nonconformist government official Administrator Wontumi frequently does.

On the other side, he encouraged the adolescent to stop depending on states, saying that when men depend on different men, there is no expectation. He further expressed Ghanaians to look for God and set forth some parcel of energy to accomplish.

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