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Why I work With Secular Musicians Despite Being A Man of God-Kaywa

Grant winning Ghanaian music maker and sound designer, Kaywaa has tended to reactions that his strict foundation shouldn’t have supported his contribution with common craftsmen in accordance with his work title.

On 3FM Drive, Kaywa replied by expressing that his work isn’t solely for Christians. Kaywa focused on that Jesus Christ came to save everybody, no matter what one’s degree of strict conviction.

In this way, Christians ought not be stunned by his collaborations with non-Christians.

“Jesus left his throne, and when he came down, there were many times he was not found in the synagogue. Most of the time, he was found with the sinners. If I’m a follower of Jesus. If I’m with the sinners, now they condemn me but remember, Jesus went through the same condemnation.

“But you see, the purpose is transformation. It’s not just mingling. If you follow me, you will realise that anyone who talks about me, talks about transformation.”

“I seek to demystify the religious act of people so we can bring ourselves to a place where we understand that Jesus came to save all,” the famed music producer said.

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