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Change from your evil ways – Shatta Wale claps back at Blakk Rasta

Dancehall craftsman and lyricist Shatta Wale has encouraged reggae craftsman Blakk Rasta to transform from his insidious ways.

Shatta Wale and Blakk Rasta haven’t been best of companions as the two on various events conflicted on media stages. In a Facebook live video, Shatta Wale has encouraged Blakk Rasta to improve.

Review that Blakk Rasta in a meeting a few months prior got down on Shatta Wale for his way of behaving and furthermore stated that Shatta Wale decidedly affects his huge fanbase with his image and impact.

As per Blakk Rasta, Shatta Wale just knows how to gloat about his precious stones, and bits of gems without aiding any of his fans. He added that the devotees of Shatta Wale are suffering from destitution.

“You have a lot of following what are you doing with it? That is why I keep talking about Shatta Wale from time to time. You supposedly have a huge following but what do you teach them? Is it about insults and fooling all over the place? That is all you are doing?” Blakk Rasta slammed Shatta Wale.

In a reply, Shatta Wale has taken to his virtual entertainment page to communicate his disappointment over the remark of Blakk Rasta and his predictable assault on him.

“….I still keep on doing what I came to say about Blakk Rasta that he should change. He should change his ways because he is the person who insults God’s child and calls him a foolish and stupid boy and also talks about him for supposedly spending money anyhow. Blakk Rasta, you can’t show anybody anyhow, because somebody can show you anyhow.”

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