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Don Jazzy Discusses The Qualities He Seeks In A Woman.

Don Jazzy, a prominent music executive, has spoken out about the traits he seeks in a future wife. In case you forgot, Don Jazzy finally talked about his first marriage to ex-wife Michelle Jackson. He admitted to marrying at age 20 and divorcing two years later.

When asked why his marriage ended in divorce, he said it was because he was too busy to devote enough time to his family. He admitted that he was preoccupied with his record company and his music career.

In a recent episode of “Honest Brunch,” hosted by Nedu Wazobia and his gang, the music executive discussed the characteristics he values in the women he finds attractive.
Don Jazzy has said that the qualities he looks for in a wife are patience and calmness.

He went on to say that he has an aversion to women who cause him problems. The leader of Marvin said he doesn’t understand why people choose to get into fights in an effort to spice up their relationships.

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