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Alex’s Sister Confirms His Brother Is Not A Gay

The Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo has been accused of being gay since there has been a rumor that he did not have any sexually related activity with his fiancée for half a decade, which obviously led to the separation of their union.

Ifeoma Ekubo, who claims to be Alex Ekubo’s sister, has debunked claims that the actor is homosexual. According to her, such act is an abomination in the family and no one is permitted to have such rights. Remember that Alex’s ex-fiancee, model Fancy Acholonu, recently claimed that in their five years together, Alex never once got intimate with her.

She claims Alex expressed a desire to remain celibate on account of his religious convictions. Ifeoma denied having any sexual encounters with Alex, as Fancy had claimed, in a recent interview with Youtube channel Obodo Oyinbo TV. Ifeoma claims that Alex told her he and Fancy had sex in January 2022, after they had reconciled following her decision to call off their wedding in August 2021.

We were supposed to get married in November of that year, but he told me he found me with Fancy in January. So in January of the following year, he described how they reconciled, made love, and did this and that. After they reconciled, he told me, and Fancy has since confirmed it to one of my friends directly. Right now, I cannot stand Fancy.

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