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Sad News Hit Adebayor After Latest Prophecy

In a recent viral video Togolese Football Striker Emmanuel Adebayo seems to be in trouble after a prophecy was made by him on the 31st of December 2022. The prophecy that was indirectly sent to him spelt doom for him come 2023.

“Lord took me to the football team called Arsenal in United Kingdom I saw a Togolese who is very tall and a little bit dark, he answers a Nigerian name. if not for this prophecy this year he would have been poisoned.” says the prophet.

Prophet of the Prophetic Hill Chapel, Nigel Gaise made this know. He continued by stating that there are a lot of people around this said player who wants his downfall. They pretend to love him but deep down have the intentions of ending his life.

He further disclosed how these people have visited various villages just to end the life of this Arsenal Player. I had this this revelation three days ago when I was praying. This prophecy has astonished alot of netizens due to how it was delivered by prophetic Nigel Giase.

Meanwhile the Ghana- based Togolese is a good friend to Ghanaian comedian funny face. These two have been seen together couple of times in Ghana until the speculation of their separation. Many believe he is a philanthropist because of his nature of giving.

Adebayo joined the premier league club Arsenal in 2006 and played tremendously which ended him nicknamed ‘Baby Kanu’ due the resemblance to former Arsenal Star Nwankwo Kanu. Watch Video Below!

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