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“R2bees are just good for nothing old men” Showboy goes hard on his former group

Former AMG gang who is currently in prison on the USA, Showboy has dropped his opinion on the ongoing feud between R2bees and his partner Criss Waddle. This comes after the Music group R2bees refused to show up at Criss waddle’s AMG Concert.

AMG Connect’s concert last weekend in Tema was arranged by Criss Waddle.
He was disgruntled by the R2Bees’ absence. He thinks a friendship shouldn’t be one-sided, where he is dedicated to them but they aren’t willing to do anything for him. In response to the report, Showboy said that he called out R2Bees for being opportunists who are always thinking about what others can do for them but not what they can do for others.

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