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“You are just a former MP” Captain Smart drags Ras Mubarak for disrespecting a colleague

During an interview, Ras Mubarak and Captain Smart got into a fight because a “makeup artist” kept interjecting pointless comments. Regarding the current incident that occurred on Onua TV, broadcast journalist Captain Smart retaliated against former MP Ras Mubarak.

Captain Smart said that he stood up for his colleague since Ras Mubarak had mistreated him in response to the drama that occurred in the prior interview on December 16. In self-defense, he said, “Take it from me, you don’t have to know someone before you appreciate them. The woman is Yaa Titi, but you didn’t appreciate her since you assumed she was a makeup artist because she had made you up. You had phoned to congratulate her, after all. I’ll have NAPO give up his seat for Nana Addo if he shows up when I’m hosting. In the event that Nana Addo shows up when Dr. Bawumia is on my program, I shall replace Bawumia.

“You have no position since you were a former MP. You are just an ex-MP. Although we had previously decided that Ofosu-Ampofo would arrive on Thursday and Asiedu Nketiah would arrive on Friday, he arrived before Ofosu-Ampofo. When Ofosu-Ampofo arrived, he agreed that the chairman should go to the set if he had arrived. On Friday, during his interview, he misquoted Ofosu-Ampofo, and Yaa informed him of the error. The audience were unaware of this. He addressed Yaa after doing a U-turn. But you won’t enter my home and treat any of my coworkers badly.

“He said things to her that weren’t proper. I advised him to treat the chair with respect. So the individual can’t speak up about concerns because they work in makeup? You don’t come to my workplace and treat it disrespectfully; this is my office. He probably had an opinion about us. I don’t mind him since it’s occurred.
He can always come inside if he wants to,” he replied.

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