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Sophia Momodu Slams Trolls In Cryptic Note

While defending co-parenting to online trolls despite the fact that the couple is no longer together, one of David Adeleke a.k.a. Davido’s, baby mamas, Sophia Momodu, is furious. To further emphasize the difficulty of dealing with trolls, the mother of one took to Twitter.

At the same time, Sophia Momodu stressed the importance of both parents being involved in their children’s lives in order to establish a sense of normalcy in co-parenting.

Her note was quite detailed, and she wrote;

“It’s fine for two people to have a child together, not be together, but agree to co-parent in peace for the greater good, without anonymous trolls behind fake pages projecting their insecurities onto them,” the author writes.

I know this will anger the nameless and faceless, but ask yourself this: Have you ever seen a beautiful, bright, hard-working, highly blessed and favored woman who was without options when it came to men of the opposite sex? I mean, come on, this is hilarious.

If you’re a woman of African descent, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting trolled by the nameless and insecure if you put yourself, your peace, your faith, and your personal development first.

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