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Adeola Diiadem’s Ex-Boyfriend Woke Her Up Early. He Borrowed N3 Million To Buy His New Girlfriend A Car.

A well-known socialite and businesswoman named Adeola Diiadem recalled an ex-boyfriend from nine years ago who asked for a loan of three million naira so that he could buy a car for his girlfriend. He wanted to surprise her with the gift. Her ex-boyfriend woke her up on a Sunday morning at six in the morning and asked if he could borrow three million naira so that he could buy a car. On her various social media accounts, she disseminated this information.

He called her at such an ungodly hour, and Adeola revealed that, despite her outrage, she had politely declined his request despite the fact that he had called her. After some time had passed, she found out, much to her utter shock, that the car he had wanted to buy wasn’t even for himself but rather for a woman he was dating at the time.

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