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Hustler! Teebillz Praises D’banj After Fraud Allegations

Teebillz, a well-known music producer, has praised veteran singer D’banj for his essential role in the development of Afrobeat in Nigeria. The singer was summoned by the ICPC only days earlier on charges of embezzling public funds. Teebillz used Instagram to say that D’Banj deserved to be famous while he was still around to see it.

And when pressed, he explained that the Koko master had motivated him and others to return to Nigeria and do what they do best.

True con artist! He inspired faith in Afrobeats, and his international success ensured that the entire world would take notice. why we can all take advantage of it now

The afrobeats 4ever royalties should go to you. You inspired ghetto youth, and as a result, we all moved back home. With your “Mamba Mentality,” you proved that dedication can outshine natural ability.

In honor of you, I’m sending flowers while you’re still alive so that you can feel the awe and adoration with which we regard you as the undisputed king of Afrobeats, @iambangalee. Among the gods, you are!!! @iambangalee #DKoko #AfricanMichaelJackson #MrNoLongThing,” he tweeted.

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