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“I was supposed to die before Baba Spirit” – Ayitey Powers reveals

Observed Ghanaian fighter, Ayitey Powers has responded miserably to the death of jokester Baba Soul.

As per him, the passing of Baba Soul is a suggestion to him about the way that he ought to have kicked the bucket at this point.

Talking at the one-week festivity of Baba Soul, Ayitey Powers uncovered that he had a progression of otherworldly assaults which ought to have taken his life.

He added that the media space is malicious and popularity comes at an enormous expense. In this way, a few different famous people are under consistent assault such as himself.

“If not for the intervention of some pastors, I would have died. I was supposed to die before Baba Spirit due to the evil nature of the Ghana’s media space, he said.

Baba Soul passed on about seven days prior after an alleged repeating fight with a waiting sickness.

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