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“I dont know any Linda” Afia Schwar’s son exposes Maa Linda after she claims he called and begged on behalf on his Mother

Afia Schwar has once again exposed Maa Linda after she claim her son James reached out to her through a friend to beg and apologies on behalf on his Mother. Maa Linda claim James reached out to her begging her to put an end to the beef with his Mother and that the Beef is kinda affecting his family.

However Maa Linda claim she wont accept the apology as Afia Schwar claim they will fight till eternity which she Maa Linda is looking forward to. She claim tho she asked Afia to cease fire and put the kids first, she is back to beef her after she placed a curse of her daughter to die during child birth.

However Afia has reacted and according to the video she dropped, she was seen with her son James and asked him if he sent anyone to plead on his behalf. He claim he has done no such thing and does not even know who the woman in question was. She then warned Linda to stop lying as their beef just began since it is till eternity.


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