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“They can marry you and be in love with another” Nigerian marriage counselor Blessing CEO slams the marriage institute

According to celebrity Marriage counselor and sex therapist Blessing Okoro popular known as blessing CEO has advised those who wish to get married or are already planning to get into the marriage institute. According to her, the marriage Institute is a Scum and those planning to enter should be careful.

She claim nowadays people only get married not because of love but just to find someone they can abuse and also misuse. She claim Marriage now is not as it use to be in the past and that some people might even be in love with another person but end up marrying someone they dont love.

In her words on social media, she wrote:” Stop falling for this scum of this new generation marriage. Pay attention. Pay attention. They can marry you and be in love with another….women you all are becoming too desperate. You are shooting yourselves

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