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Derrick Osei Kuffour Prempeh, better realized by his stage name Kofi Jamar, is a vocalist from Ghana who, not at all like different Africans, values subjugation and imperialism more exceptionally than the opportunity and independence that cutting edge Africa gives its residents.

The “Ekorso” artist asserts that Africans wouldn’t have benefitted from things like music — which he guarantees helped make ready for any semblance of Michael Jackson, Kanye West, LeBron James, and others — notwithstanding bondage.

Despite the fact that he knew numerous in Ghana and all through Africa would be resentful about his explanation, he suggested that music could not have possibly evolved in Africa without the presentation of subjection.

In a tweet from today, September 19 that has since been taken out, he explained on how Africans had acquired training and made a critical worldwide impact because of constrained movement.

“People will kill me for this, but our ancestors really knew what they were doing when they sold Most Africans into slavery, The is a great impact on the world as we see today. I swear we wouldn’t have had the likes of the Blues, RnB , Rock and Roll, Rap Music, Hiphop Music.

“Etc . Blacks have benefited and impacted the world a lot in so many ways due to that migration. Shhh we wouldn’t have had the likes of Jay z, Lebron, Michael Jackson , Kanye West , Virgil abloh and a whole lot you can mention,” his tweets read.

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