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I’m healing, moving on after separation from my wife – JJC Skillz

The previous spouse of Nollywood entertainer cum legislator JJC Skillz has uncovered that he is attempting to recuperate from the wrecked intensity and figuring out how to continue on after his division from his better half.

A couple of months prior, JJC Skillz took to his Instagram page to declare the breakdown of his marriage with his alienated spouse, Funke Akindele.

After the aftermath with his alienated spouse Funke Akindele, JJC Skillz has continued on and has as of late uncovered his undertaking called “Afristar”. In a meeting with Mutiat Lawore talked about his fell marriage and his recently presented project, “Afristar”.

“I’m sure if you listen to one of my old songs ‘My Life’, the first line I said there was ‘I never really have a plan B, music, and video is the future that I can see, and that has proven to be the case”.

“My life has always been about music and videos and if I’m not performing as an artiste on stage, I’m behind the scene as a director shooting music videos or movies. That’s my passion and I have decided to combine all of it together and create a platform that showcases all of that”, JJC Skillz said.

When asked about his relationship with Funke Akindele after their separation, JJC Skillz said, “Well, I don’t want to dabble into relationship talk at the moment, I am healing and moving forward, and don’t forget I have children and am bonding with. Safe to say despite the challenge ahead as a result of the new idea unveiled, I will always create time for the family most especially my kids.”

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