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I Will Sue Musician Who Uses My Songs Without My Consent-Amy Newman

Gospel performer Amy Newman has expressed that she will sue any craftsman who utilizes any of her melodies without her assent.

It isn’t news that a few performers take old melodies of matured performers and clean them and integrate them into their own tunes. While some look for the worry of the artists, others don’t.

In a meeting on XYZ, the veteran performer gave an admonition to performers who wish to involve any of her melodies for a version.

As per Amy Newman, she tracks down that go about as insolent on the grounds that tunes have their own copyright proprietors.

“Now I have decided that anyone who uses my song without my consent, you will go to court pay the money there for me to take it”, Amy Newman issued a stern warning describing the act as disrespectful.

Amy Newman underscored that she gets injured that these youthful performers feel a propensity for selfishness while involving the tunes of veteran specialists in the music business.

She further added that the vast majority of these youthful performers don’t have regard for veteran artists.

“That is what actually hurts me. It hurts me in the sense that I’m an old musician so if you want to take something from your mom, you ask, mummy, can I use your song? That is why I say these young guys do not respect us. They should seek permission”. She said this in an interview.

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