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Kofi Adoma Dumped His 1st Wife To Snatch Miracle Who Was Someone’s Wife- Afia Schwarzenegger Reveals

Following his confirmation that he exposed his significant other to an existence of the cruel treatment, media character Kofi Adoma Nwanwanii has turned into a web sensation.

On live radio, Kofi Adoma admitted to having numerous child moms because of his shabby ways.

Adoma Nwanwanii, the spouse of Miracle Adoma Nwanwanii, claims that it was his significant other and her dad who paid for his school review.

For instance, he confessed to taking cash from his significant other and leasing a condo to live with one more woman previously.

As he related his disgusting history to his crowd, the media star lauded the excellencies of his significant other’s perseverance.

Besides, Kofi Adoma has hurt a larger number of people than has opportunity and willpower to recognize during his life.

To get his hands on Miracle from another person, Kofi Adoma purportedly abandoned his most memorable spouse with youngsters, as indicated by Afia Schwarzenegger’s camp.

Along these lines, Afia Schwarzenegger has affirmed that Kofi Adoma Nwnwanii passed on his most memorable spouse to marry his ongoing wife called Miracle after she (Miracle) had spent such a great amount on him.

What’s more, presently, following quite a while of ‘peppering,’ Kofi Adoma is by all accounts in adoration with and showing his significant other everywhere.

Presently, who is this other ex who likewise needed to manage the aggravation of losing her man?

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