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Dag Heward Mills is Practicing Polygamy Lowkey Might have impregnated Someone – Avram Moshe Alleges.

Controversial founder and leader of the Common Sense family, Avram Ben Moshe has leveled some accusations against the founder and leader of Light House Chapel, Bishop Dag-Heward Mills.

Speaking in a recent interview on Kingdom FM, Avram Ben Moshe disclosed that for Dag Heward Mills to advise his members anout polygamy simply means he is planning on getting a second wife.

Avram added that its possible that Dag has secretly impregnated a church member and is trying to marry her hence his reason for promoting Polygamy.

A few days ago, in a sermon that has gone viral, Ghanaian man of God Dag Heward-Mills of Lighthouse Chapel exposed the faulty ideas in the Bible.

The bishop, who was discussing polygamy, launched a Savage defense of the custom.

He claims that nowhere in the Bible does God express disapproval of a man taking more than one wife. He made refrence to some patriarchs of the Old Testament, who typically had two or more wives.

He also noted that the Bible specifically said women are not allowed to preach over a man or exercise any form of authority over him but they do now why dont we hold that against them too.

this is what Avram Ben Moshe had to say;

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