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Fire n the mountain as Criss Waddle snubs Fella Makafui at AMG Concert

As they are unable to determine if Criss Waddle and Fella are feuding behind the scenes or not, social media users who have come across this video are left perplexed. The previous weekend, Medikal and his employer Criss Waddle held a show in Tema to amuse their followers and music aficionados. Music lovers from all ages and backgrounds attended the concert series known as AMG Connect Concert to have fun.

While Criss Waddle was performing, the audience began shouting “No Fella No Show,” which was also attended by Fella Makafui, who is a very supportive wife. The fans’ insistence on seeing Fella perform made it more than impossible to keep them under control. In order to calm down the audience, Fella Makfui was eventually brought up to the stage. Surprisingly, they didn’t even say hello, as common civility and decency would have required. This is because Fella is actually Criss Waddle’s older wife, since he considers Medikal to be his younger brother rather than simply a regular person.

Criss Waddle and Fella’s little awkward exchange discreetly suggests that things may not be going well between them.Who knows? Perhaps we are misinterpreting the two and viewing them only through the prism of popular perception.

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