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Stop denigrating Ghanaian movies if you don’t like them – Ama K. Abebre

Entertainer Ama K. Abebrese has asked Ghanaians to halt from slandering Ghanaian motion pictures in the event that they could do without them.

Talking on ‘XCLUSIVES’ with Noella Kharyne Yalley of Delight Prime, Ama K Abebrese begged some Ghaianas talking sick about the Ghanaian film industry to halt from it.

Ama k Abebrese added that albeit certain individuals hate watching Ghanaian motion pictures, others do so the difficult work of Ghanaians ought not be destroyed.

“You don’t have to like my work. It is not my fault that you don’t like everything because it is Ghanaian. Just do not down it. That is my issue. Sometimes you find a Ghanaian denigrating somebody’s work which probably the person used their last penny to produce,” Ama K. Abebrese said.

She added that “until you step into a producer or a director’s shoe, you wouldn’t know the sacrifices they’ve made.

“Any producer will tell you the challenges or what they have to go through to get their film made with very little support because of their passion. Just because you do not like it, doesn’t mean somebody won’t love it.”

“I want to encourage people who are passionate about anything, it does not matter what it is don’t be discouraged,” she said.

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