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“They are after money” – DJ Cuppy on why she’s single at 29

Nigerian circle jockey DJ Cuppy has uncovered her justification for remaining single when she ought to plan for marriage or be as of now hitched.

As per her, the majority of the ones who showed interest in her do so in view of her dad’s abundance. also, not on the grounds that they really love her.

DJ Cuppy implied that until she companions a man who she accepts is after her not in view of her tycoon father’s riches, she would keep on being single.

“Back home, I feel like so many guys don’t want me, they want my dad. If I meet a guy in the UK, and I have met guys in the UK; when I tell them that I am from Nigeria, they ask me what village. And it makes me feel the person is not really Nigerian.

“They just love my dad. I met a guy recently and the next thing he asked me was, ‘so when am I going to meet your dad.’ I was shocked. I want someone to love me a lot and be happy and my dad would be like a by-product.”

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