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Ghanaians’ expectations of me are too high – Yaw Tog says

Youthful electrifying craftsman Thorsten Owusu Gyimah notable as Yaw Frock has said that Ghanaians’ assumptions for him are too high on account of his hit melody “Sore”.

Yaw Frock turned into an easily recognized name when his tune “Sore” became well known. Yaw Frock has unveiled that in light of his hit track, Ghanaians expect that every one of the tunes he deliveries ought to be a hit; adding that the assumptions for him are excessively high.

As per Yaw Frock, hs just objective in the music business is to create great tunes yet not really delivering hit melodies.

He remarked “I will say that I have taken myself to a certain limit and so that’s what Ghanaians are expecting from me and sore was my viral hit song.

“Music is like you don’t have to put it in your mind that you want a hit song but you have to get a good song and that’s it,” Yaw Tog told Amansan Krakye the host.

He continued on Cape Coast’s Kastle FM “If the song is good you are one hundred percent correct so to me I work hard to produce good songs and not hit songs.

“Because when the song is good it will definitely become a hit so it’s the people who are expecting something huge but I just go to the studio, do a good song and release it,” he told the host.

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