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‘Those criticizing my wife wish they had her in their lives” Hopeson Adorye defends his wife Empress Gifty

Member of Parliament for the New Patriotic Party {NPP} Hon Hopeson Adorye has revealed his wife’s critics wish they could have or be like her. Gospel Musician Empress Gifty is currently the wife of Hopeson Adorye.

The gospel Musician made several negative headlines after her performance at the Ashiaman to the World concert where netizens complained from her way of dressing to her twerking on stage. Gifty during the concert was seen in a Tight skinny leggings with a White top and a pixie haircut.

Netizens complained of her dressing claiming her skin tight attire revealed her curves which enticed the fans around instead of winning their souls for Christ. She even made it worse when she twerked on stage with her huge behind exciting the crowd.

During an Interview, Hopeson Adorye was asked what he thinks about Netizens opinion about his wife’s dressing and her performance at the concert, He said: “When someone is doing her thing and people sitting behind will be saying what they want. Those criticizing her want her”

Continuing further, Adorye said:”We are moving forward. A mother of mine told me that if you dont want someone to be popular, dont talk ill about the person. When you say Good things about people, they dont hear it but immediately something negative is said about someone it flies easily”

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