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I Used To Be A Garbage Collector And Weed People’s Houses For A Living

Conspicuous Ghanaian Highlife/Afropop vocalist, Peter Fameyeh Bozah, comprehensively perceived as Fameye has related how he used to gather trash from individuals’ homes essentially to get by.

In a meeting with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz section, Fameye distributed that he used to go from one home to another round Ashoman Estate to aggregate individuals’ waste and get compensated to protect his life.

Fameye distributed that he furthermore used to weed people homes and plant grasses in their mixtures professionally. He acquainted that he also utilized with advance frozen yogurt sooner than going to workforce in the early evening.

He furthermore described that he when worked in his sweetheart’s family home as a landscaper. The involvement with agreement to the artist has been troublesome and exceptionally gutsy given the difficulties and strategies he needed to skip through to show up at his advanced objective.

Fameye furthermore conveyed that most people would perhaps see his prosperity as a customary match which in the end happens to anyone anyway he knows about what he has been through and the difficulties he needed to look as a hawker sooner than tune dove in and guided him to significance.

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