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Tracey Boakye shares Video of how her Husband Proposed to her in Germany

It seems Tracey Boakye would not allow social media users to breath without reminding them that she is now a Mrs. The Kumawood Actress has shared a Video of how her Husband Mr Frank Badu Proposed to her In Germany. The Kumawood Actress weeks after her wedding has been dropping Videos and Photos from the ceremony. On her Instagram page, Tracey has dropped a Throwback Video of how Mr Badu proposed to her while she was seated in the couch. Tracey in the video is seen seated on the couch when her husband came by, went

“Me tirimu y3 me d3 ooo ❤️ Tracey Boakye says as she shares lovely Photo with her Husband

Tracey Boakye has left her fans and followers on social media drooling over a picture of herself and husband. The bond between these is one of the strongest as they keep flaunting each other on social media. Tho some social media inlaws have advised her to keep the relation off the internet and learn from the likes of Xandy Kamel and her own godmother Afia Schwar, it seems the advised has fallen on deaf ear as she keeps flaunting her man with lovely caption. Its true that one cannot advise a woman who is inlove. Ever

Tell the world how Tracey Boakye lost her Pregnancy after you took her to Tamale – Maa Linda fires Afia Schwar

Tho Maa Linda threw in the towel and advised Afia to cease Fire, it seems she is back again after Afia dissed her daughters and exposed certain secrets about her family. The two seems to drag those around them as they continue their beef. Tracey Boakye has just caught a stray bullet as Maa Linda claim Afia Schwar caused her to lose her Pregnancy after she took her to Tamale. She claim Afia took Tracey to Tamale for Protection and Tracey was given something to drink when she was Pregnant. She claim Tracey lost her

Social Media users bash Tracey Boakye for giving the youth Pressure by flaunting her Iphone 14

Social media users have descended heavily on Kumawood Actress Tracey Boakye for showing off after acquiring the new Iphone 14. The new Iphone was just released last week and social media users were anxious to know the first person or celebrity who will acquire the expensive Phone. Tracey is currently the first Actress to acquire the phone as she keeps teasing her fans and following with pictures and Videos of it. The Kumawood Actress shared the video on her Instagram page she she revels that she is currently upgrading

Gloria Kani exposes Tracey Boakye, reveals why she dragged her during the “Papa No” saga with Mzbel

The former Best Friend of Kumawood Actress Tracey Boakye, Gloria Kani has once dragged her through the mud. During an Interview, Gloria claim the most dangerous and toxic friend anyone can ever have is her former Best friend Tracey Boakye. She claim Tracey betrayed her once which made her drag and exposed her with she has a little beef with Mzbel during the "Papa No" brouhaha. recounting what really happen, She claim when she gave birth to her 2nd child, no one in the world knew about his father. She claim her

Trouble in Mafia Gang as Tracey Boakye and Diamond Appiah fight dirty on social media

It seems there is currently trouble in Mafia Gang as two of the members keep shading each other on social media over reasons best known to them. One of the gang members Tracey Boakye recently got married to her husband, Mr Frank Badu. However it seems Diamond Appiah who also happens to be a Gang member wasnt happy with the way Ghanaians were trolling her and Afia Schwar after the marriage of Tracey Boakye. Diamond on social media has been constantly shading the New Bride over little things the least chance she get.

Tracey Boakye angrily fires Ghanaians for calling her broke after shutting down her Restaurant over lack of Funds

Kumawood Actress cum Business Woman Tracey Boakye has finally reacted to the news that she had to close down her Restaurant due to her being broke and needed money to fund her expensive wedding. It was alleged that by popular Instagram blogger Tutugyagu that The popular Restaurant of Tracey Boakye identified as Shortcode by Tracey had to be shut down due to lack of funds. The blogger claim Tracey needed Money just to wed her husband and prove to her haters that she is still the rich East Legon Land Lady. The blogger

“I will give you more Drama” Tracey Boakye replies Diamond Appiah for mocking her audio Millionaire Wedding

Kumawood Actress Tracey Boakye has finally replied her Haters especially her so called Mafia Gang friend who have constantly shade her after she got married. Tho she has been warned severally by social media users to stay clear off them, she still keeps them around. A couple of days ago one of the gang members Diamond Appiah was mocked for how she dressed to Tracey's wedding even tho she claims she is a Billionaire, Social media users mocked her especially her hair which they claim does not suit her Status. Reacting

Loud Mouth Adu Safowah celebrates her Birthday with Stunning Photos

Loud mouth Internet sensation Adu Safowaah has dropped stunning Photos as she celebrates her Birthday Today the 9th of September 2022. Adu is popular known to give her opinion on certain issues which she isnt invited to. She recently made headlines when she attacked Vivian Jill claiming She lost Badu Frank to Tracey Boakye after refusing to lose weight. She claim a Guy like Badu Frank isnt interested in plus size women hence Making Tracey lose some pounds before making her his wife. Netizens bashed her for such lose

“The original Mafia Gang” Social media users reacts to a throwback Photo of Nana Tonardo, Mzbel and Afia Schwar together at an…

Afia Schwar, Mzbel and Nana Tonardo were once the best of friends before they parted ways due to reasons best known to them. The three have since been at each other's throat starting from Afia attacking Mzbel, Nana Tonardo joining forces with Mzbel and attacking Afia Schwar. Now the one people currently trending more on social media is Afia Schwar and Nana Tonardo as they keep dropping dirty secrets about each other and dragging their innocent family into it . Social media users are currently what really went wrong.
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