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Princess Shyngle Wiggles Her Arsenal In Recent Video Making Fans Go Gagar

Actress princess Shyngle bears it all as she she flaunts her tapoli waist in new video. The actress who has been off social media for sometime now popped up in a new video shaking her arsenal and her waist to the tune of one off the viral TickTok challenges. Ever since her video surfaced online, she has become the talk of the town as many criticize her tiny waist and wider hips once again. In the video it was evident that the actress didn't care about being criticized but all she cared was to flaunt her tiny

99% of All Married Men in Nigeria Have Side Chics- Princess Shyngle defends Yul Edochie 

Following back lash directed at Nigerian actor Yul Edochie for having a son outside his marriage and marrying a second wife despite being a Christian, Gambia actress Princess Shyngle has jumped to the defends of the actor. According to Princess Shyngle most Nigerians are being too judgmental on Yul Edochie and his baby mama yet Yul is not the first man to cheat in history. She went on to say that majority of the people criticizing the actor literally live the most dirties lives yet get the effrontery to judge him.

I Charge $30,000 To Go on Dates- Princess Shyngle Tells Fan Who Wanted To Go On A Date

People who have plans on going for a date with celebrities especially Gambian actress Princess Shyngle should differently start loading their pockets as they would have to make huge payment to the actress plus sponsor the date. The actress who recently divorced her sweetheart who became her husband had a question and answer session with her fans. One fan offered to take the actress out but it turned out that the actress charges huge money before going for a date with certain people. According to the actress she

I’m Going To Get Brez Implants Then Marry Myself-Princess Shyngle Announces

Gambian actress based in Ghana, Princess Shyngle has anniunced that she will be going for a brez implant soon. Her reason of getting the implant done it to marry herself then divorce herself later after she meets someone else. She made this comment while reacting to a foreign report which had the lady marry herself but later divorced herself after she met someone else. This world is indeed weird, while some women are busily working on their backside, Princess Shyngle seems to be uncomfortable about her manchester

Social Media Was Reason My Marriage Collapsed- Princess Shyngle Opens Up

Actress Princess Shyngle recently destroyed her billionaire husband few months ago after she accused him of ab*sing her. The marriage came to a sudden end and shocking many of her fans since they didn't see her excuse for the divorce to be valid. She has finally listed one of the reason her marriage crushed and she says social media is a big reason for her failed marriage. Opening up one the reason her marriage crushed she said; “Social media is one of the main reasons that f*cked up my marriage.” The actress

Don’t Be Fooled By My Pretty Pictures-Princess Shyngle Advises Fans

Controversial Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle has advised her fans on the photo sharing app not to be fooled by the pretty photos she upload. The actress who advised her fans not to be fooled by photos she and celebrities share on social media announced that she almost lost her life in just two days to her birthday. Although she revealed that she narrowly escaped death, she never mentioned how exactly it happened. Just few hours to Christmas and strange things are happening to people across the globe and for that

If I Ever Get Married And My Husband Cheats, I Will Get Him A Hot Girl-Princess Shyngle Reveals

Famous Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle has shared with her fans what she would do should she suspect her future husband of cheating on her despite he not being caught. According to Princess Shyngle in a post on her Instagram wall, she would make sure to give her man a hot beautiful girl who will sedu*ce him should she find out her man is cheating on her. She went on to say that if the hot girl succeeds in seducing her husband she wouldn't know what to do next. It's quiet amazing that the actress is making

I Wanna Have Only Gay Friends-Princess Shyngle Reveals

Gambian actress well noted for her tapoli-like waist, Princess Shyngle has disclosed that at this point in her life all she wants to have is gay friends. According to the actress she is sick and tired of boring and judgmental straight people in the world. Apparently the actress has only straight friends and want to try the opposite because currently she is sick of such people. ''At this point in my life I think I only wanna have gay friends. I'm sick and tired of y'all boring @ss, judge mental, hating @ss straight

Any Man From 35yrs And Above, Unmarried Yet Constantly Changing Women Is A Bis3xual-Princess Shyngle Opines

Gambian actress Princess Shyngle has made a stunning revelation about men who are doing well financially and are 35 years and above but unmarried. According to the actress any men who is doing well financially, from the age of 35 and still not married but constantly seen changing women like an undergarment is a bis3xual. She stated categorically that such a man is by all means in love with a young man somewhere. Princess Shyngle strongly believes that many a time, some men hurt every woman who comes their way and

Why Married Women Should Start Cheating on Their Husbands-Princess Shyngle To Married Women

Gambian actress who is well known for her tapoli-like waist, Princess Shyngle has dished out fresh advise to married women even though she isn't married. According to her married women must start cheating on their cheating husbands and that will make the men to refrain from cheating. She noted that if married women cheat whenever their husband's cheat, the men will begin to think twice anytime the idea of cheating comes in mind. ''If married women also cheat anytime they catch their husband's cheating, I promise
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