99% of All Married Men in Nigeria Have Side Chics- Princess Shyngle defends Yul Edochie 

Following back lash directed at Nigerian actor Yul Edochie for having a son outside his marriage and marrying a second wife despite being a Christian, Gambia actress Princess Shyngle has jumped to the defends of the actor.

According to Princess Shyngle most Nigerians are being too judgmental on Yul Edochie and his baby mama yet Yul is not the first man to cheat in history.

She went on to say that majority of the people criticizing the actor literally live the most dirties lives yet get the effrontery to judge him.

Princess Shyngle alleged that most big babes in Nigeria are being sponsored by people’s husbands and not because they are hard working.

She further said that most women attacking the actor have one way or the actor dated married men before and their mum’s also got cheated on by their fathers yet they talk plenty.

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