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Don’t Be Fooled By My Pretty Pictures-Princess Shyngle Advises Fans

Controversial Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle has advised her fans on the photo sharing app not to be fooled by the pretty photos she upload.

The actress who advised her fans not to be fooled by photos she and celebrities share on social media announced that she almost lost her life in just two days to her birthday.

Although she revealed that she narrowly escaped death, she never mentioned how exactly it happened.

Just few hours to Christmas and strange things are happening to people across the globe and for that matter we pray the actress fully recovers.

”Don’t let the pretty pictures fool you. I almost died fighting for this life. ????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️? 2 days to my bday ??????❤️Christmas baby ????❤️❤️?”, she wrote.

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