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Ghanian Soldiers are 90% Protocol Babies Who are Weak Physically and Spiritually .

Amidst coup detat going on in our neigbouring countries,Ghana army on a far end is expected to show up to help Ghanians Know we have protection too.

In a recent video circulating on social media posted by sikaofficial1 on twitter, a Ghanian Soldier making wild claims .

In the video this soldier called our Ghanian recruitted soldiers as protocol babies and weaklings.

He went further to say that, the soldiers available right now in the country are weak both spiritually and physically.

he added; ghanian leaders should recruit the streets and forget about education level;

”if you are thinking ghanian soldiers can fight you are joking because if we send 10000 troupes of soldieres none will survive ,if you want soldiers recruit from the streets”

watc the video below;

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