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Burna Boy criticises Nigerians in New Song

Many Nigerians don’t think I’m on same level with American artistes Burna Boy asserts in his recent interview  with Los Angeles Times.He complained that many Nigerians place him below American artistes.According to Burna Boy, because he does not talk like an American artiste, many Nigerians think that he is not on their level.

He claims that his next album, “I Told Them…,” is a sarcastic retort to detractors who have tried to undermine him in the past and presently.

Burna Boy, a Grammy-winning musician, is in the spotlight once more after disparaging Nigerians in a new song. The musician was spotted performing a portion of the song on an Instagram live while joking that this is his reward for upholding the nation’s honour. Burna Boy’s diss song directed towards Nigerians quickly gained popularity online and received mixed reviews from fans.

In the popular video, Burna, who was streaming live on Instagram, offered fans a taste of the unreleased song with lyrics that poked fun at Nigerians.

The  African Giant was heard singing and jokingly asking Nigerians if this is their reward for always making them proud. Someone arrived and seized Burna’s phone before he could finish playing the song.

The Burna Boy video quickly gained popularity on social media, and many internet users expressed their opinions about it.While some of them concurred that the singer is underappreciated, other Nigerians didn’t take it lightly and angrily Pounced back at him to question whether he desired to be treated as if he is God.

one fan came to the comment section to blast him saying; “Mummy’s boy, see as him mama grab phone from his hand.”

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