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Ayra Starr is gearing up for her first World Tour

Afrobeats stars are in high demand around the world as Nigerian music continues to garner more ears and fans willing to pay to see the superstars play.

Ayra Starr has become one of Afrobeats’ greatest performers since breaking into the mainstream, with smash songs including ‘Bloody Samaritan’ and ‘Rush and Sability,’ the latter earning her the first Nigerian female artist to gain a solo entry on the UK Singles chart.

Few months ago Ayra Starr cancels concerts in Germany and Denmark due to visa concerns, She made the statement on her Instagram account, where she voiced her dissatisfaction with the immigration complications that she claimed had been particularly difficult. She apologised to her fans and promised to return with a spectacular performance as soon as the problem was rectified.Finally, the afrobeats superstar  is set to thrill fans around the globe with her first world tour.

The “Gen Z princess,” as she is affectionately known, is embarking on her first world tour, dubbed “21: The World Tour,” in honour of her present age. The trip will span three continents: America, Africa, and Europe, with the North America leg focused on the United States and Canada.

Ayra Starr is one of the artists driving the international exportation of Afrobeats, and her impending global tour will solidify her position in the music industry.

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