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WizKid’s ‘Made In Lagos’ makes history as US Best-Selling African Album

The ‘Made in Lagos’ album by Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun Popularly Known as Wizkid has amassed an incredible 1.02 billion on-demand streams in the US. This Achievement has made the Nigerian Superstar’s Album made in Lagos breaks record as US Best-Selling African Album with an Impressive totalling sales of 680,000.

This essentially means that American customers have streamed, played, or listened to the album’s songs more than a billion times through different digital music platforms.

This accomplishment demonstrates the ‘Made in Lagos’ album’s enormous popularity and influence inside the music business. The songs on the album have struck a chord with many people, winning over ears and hearts all around the country.

This outstanding achievement confirms WizKid’s status as a global legend and emphasises the expanding impact of Nigerian rap music on the global scene.

He is recognised as one of the  Afrobeats Superstars with unique talent of distinctive combination of Afrobeat, reggae, and hip-hop that has enthralled fans around.

WizKid’s accomplishment with ‘Made In Lagos’ establishes a new standard for Afrobeats music. It acts as a source of inspiration for aspiring Nigerian rappers and displays the vast potential in the Nigerian music industry. As streaming continues to dominate the music landscape, more Nigerian artists are likely to follow in WizKid’s footsteps, bringing Afrobeats onto the worldwide stage.

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