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There will be water scarcity in 2023 – Mzbel reveals

Ghanaian Songstress Mzbel has dropped a shocking revelation she has about what is going to happen next year in Ghana. According to the song goddess, There will soon be water scarcity in Ghana in the year 2023.

On her Official Instagram page, she wrote: “I just had a dream… There was water shortage everywhere. Saw people fighting over little amount of water, other offering to pay anything for just a cup of water… it was that bad!

“Looks like we are going to have serious water crises on 2023. I know what I am going to start doing but its just a harmless dream not a Prophecy and nothing special.

However some social media users think the dream s about certain things that may soon take place in her life and not necessarily about the country and the crises we may soon face.

One user wrote:

Queen, It’s a dream about your own life. Not about Ghana necessarily . It shows that you may face some serious lack with essential things in your life.
Pray about it. Water is very important and powerful. May the Lord protect you and keep lack far away from you. ??

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