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Showboy drags Gyakie into the Mud for allegedly causing the split between Criss Waddle and R2bees

CEO of popular 2hype group Showboy has trashed talked his colleague in the Music Industry Gyakie for been the reason behind the current chaos between R2bees and Criss waddle. Gyakia is popular female artist who for years now has gained a lot of followers both local and international.

Criss Waddle and his former Boss R2bees are currently at each other’s throat after R2bees refused to show up at the AMG Connect concert organized by Criss. Showboy is currently blaming Gyakie claiming its her fault his friends and colleagues are currently at loggerheads.

The song bird {Gyakie} has not commented on the ongoing brouhaha as the music group R2bees refused to show up at the AMG Concert at performing at Gyakie’s concert. Social media users are wondering if Showboy’s accusations are true.

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