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Someone Is Currently Exposing Skin, Moyo Lawal Mocks Peggy Ovire.

An intriguing remark was made about Peggy Ovire, who is an actress in Nollywood similar to Moyo Lawal and who was the focus of the comment.
This is as a direct result of the newlywed Peggy Ovire posting a cute video of herself and her new husband, Frederick Leonard, who also happens to be her coworker, on social media. Frederick Leonard is also her coworker.

They can be seen walking out together in the video, which was uploaded to the actress’s verified account on Instagram. Both of them are dressed in all-black ensembles that match one another. Actress Moyo Lawal’s attention was brought to the video when another actress showed a glimpse of her thigh; consequently, Lawal felt compelled to make a comment regarding the video. In the video, the other actress flashed a glimpse of Lawal’s thigh.

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