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Samuel Eto kicks youtuber outside a Qatar Stadium after Brasil vrs Korea football Match

Cameronian icon and current FA president was caught on tape attacking a man outside the stadium during the World Cup in Qatar. A quick episode involving Samuel Eto’o erupted outside Doha’s Arena 974 just after the dramatic round of 16 match between Brazil and South Korea.

After witnessing Brazil handily defeat South Korea in their round of 16 encounter, the striker is seen in viral video exiting the stadium. According to Daily Mail, Eto’o first seems satisfied to smile for photographs with fans as he leaves the arena as a man with a camera approaches him to his right. The two then appear to be discussing in the La Opinion-obtained footage, which then abruptly cuts to Eto’o returning to the site to confront the man a short time later.

Several witnesses attempted to defuse the situation at this point, but Eto’o was adamant about finding the individual and confronting him. Eto’o is then seen in the footage handing a man his phone while being detained by four other men. The man is then kneed in the face by the assailant as he emerges from the crowd. What was said to enrage Eto’o, who is in Qatar as the World Cup 2022 Legacy Ambassador, remains unknown. However, he retorts aggressively and begins to shove the cameraman.

The man appears to stoop as the hard strike is delivered, completely unaware that Eto’o has returned to continue the debate. The unnamed man is assisted to his feet and doesn’t appear to have been significantly harmed by the surprise strike, while Eto’o is once more restrained by two men.

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