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I Need A Child Badly – Bobrisky

Famous Nigeria drag queen Bobrisky has let out his distress to have a young lady kid who will acquire every one of his properties when he bites the dust.

He communicated his distress and dissatisfaction through web-based entertainment. He expressed that he really wants a substitute mother situated in America or the Unified Realm to assist him with becoming a parent direly.

Bobrisky said he really wanted a young lady in light of the fact that main a young lady kid would comprehend the reason why he is a drag queen.

He wrote: “If you know any beautiful girl in the USA or UK who can be my own child surrogate mother, I’m interested. I need a child badly.

“Well, I don’t have a problem with a boy. It is just that I have so many explanations to make to him why I ended up been a woman. But you see a girl child, they are easy, no too much explanation, she will understand me.”

He went to reel out the properties he claims, which the youngster will acquire, and furthermore discussed how he has been the best offspring of his dad, taking great consideration of his father and getting him a vehicle.

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