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Aisha Huang accused of unleashing dogs on policemen who storm her house to arrest her

Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, an individual from parliament for North Tongu, has portrayed how the beset Aisha Huang purportedly let out her canines on cops who raged her home to capture her.

As per Samuel Okudzeto, the staff needed to call for support to have the option to capture to get her to police guardianship.

He anyway raised worries regarding the reason why the state investigator didn’t add charges like opposing capture, and impediment but instead a meager charge.

He made the claim while talking on Great Morning Ghana show on September 23, 2022, saying; “… when they went to capture her, she released her canines on them.

Come and see speed, they needed to run out and look for support from Public safety agents before she picked but you go through the charges everything are not there. Opposing capture, hindrance everything are not there,” he said.

He addressed which authorities allowed Aisha Huang to enter the country and communicated stresses over why no Ghanaians had been kept regarding her reemergence.

In the wake of being confined once more, Aisha Huang will be attempted in cour

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