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Prophet Badu Kobi, Tagged With The NDC, Declares NPP Will Win 2024 elections

Brilliant Wave Church Global pioneer, Emmanuel Badu Kobi has prophetically pronounced that the New Devoted Party (NPP) will arise victors of the 2024 general decisions.

The dubious evangelist who is generally viewed as a Supportive of NDC righteous man guaranteed that the resistance (Public Popularity based Congress-NDC) and numerous other Ghanaians will be insulted by the NPP’s triumph during a live Sunday Administration broadcast on his authority Facebook page.

“The opposition will say, no! There will be chaos because it will be declared, it will be declared that the ruling party has won again and the opposition will say ‘no’ this time and the opposition will get support.

“The person on the seat and those who are on the seat will say ‘still we won’t get up’ and there will be chaos. We need to pray. I repeat, we need to pray,” he disclosed on September 18, 2022.

Prophet Kobi went on by saying that numerous people be enclosed by tumult assuming the nation won’t implore against the approaching peril that would emerge when the political decision results were distributed.

“Listen to me, I said this in 2016 and I am repeating it every day. Until there is change, Ghana is not going anywhere,” he added.

He, moreover, refered to that he anticipated the difficulty of 2022 out of 2016 prediction while advance notice Ghanaians to be ready in light of the fact that the strife is not even close to finished and it is only the start.

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