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Portable display “Madness” on Stage after he allegedly took Colorado without eating

Nigerian Singer Portable is currently in the news again and this time for the wrong reasons. Its alleged that The singer lost control of himself after using drug while performing at a recent music festival. According to reports, the singer took an advanced type of Marijuana identified as Colorado with eating anything before he took to the stage.

This however had a negative impact on him making him lose control of himself and going haywire in the middle of performance. The leaked video online shows the exact moment the singer lost his cool after the “Madness” of the drugs took effect.

It also showed the exact moment the bouncers on stage held him down as he display his Madness in front of the huge crowd. Sharing he video on Instagram, the popular blog wrote:

Zazu don zeh ooo?Life of ika Nation ?a r£port just reach me now that our Nigeria lil Wynne take c0l0rado without food omoh‼️this one na yawa oooo but he go dey alright

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