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‘Even Queen Elizabeth Didn’t Attend A Formal School’ – Alake On Tinubu’s Certificate Controversy

Head of Strategic Communication in the All Progressives Congress (APC) official mission chamber, Dele Alake has said the debate encompassing official applicant, Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s declaration shouldn’t have been an issue.

Alake expressed this in a meeting on Channels TV’s Politics Today on Sunday, with an end goal to explain what is happening around Tinubu’s confirmations, guaranteeing even the late Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II didn’t go to a proper school.

Tinubu asserted in his CF 01 structure submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) that while he was in self-exile, unapproved people had taken his scholastic certifications.

One of the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) Chieftains who left the country during the standard of the late General Sani Abacha was Tinubu, a previous legislative head of Lagos State.

Scholastics, activists, and different technocrats contradicting to Abacha’s tyranny have confronted cruel suppression.

Tinubu expressed in his marked affirmation for his assignment for the administration that he “went on self outcast from October 1994 to October 1998 (and) when I returned and found that my property including every one of the records connecting with my capability and my declarations in regard of section 3 above were stolen from by obscure people.”

Nonetheless, doubters guarantee Tinubu couldn’t give his certifications since he went to elementary school under an alternate name.

Amoda Ogunlere, who went through days moving via online entertainment last week, is one of the names recorded.

“Have you ever seen his document showing the name Amoda or whatever? People say we heard, we heard, rumour mongering nobody has ever shown document like to say this is the certificate with Amoda or whatever.

“I always say that Nigerians should subject this thing to critical analysis. I am not saying that people should not carry rumours because in political environments or political game like this, opponents must dig anything; any dirt, to throw at you. But the point is he who alleges must prove. You must show documentary evidence, I have seen none.

“The issue of primary school you have just mentioned. Let me clear the air today. If you are not old enough, there are people around you who are old enough to know that in those days, when people were indigent and schools were not as many as we have today; a lot of people were indigent and couldn’t afford the school to fees to go to formal institutions and at that time a lot of people did read at home and passed their exams.

“Today I can name you professors who never went to secondary schools who passed their exams from home. Let me even shock you further the Queen of England of the whole world she never went to any formal school, not elementary not any. Go and research it; that is the Queen of England,” he claimed.

Alake responded to a question about this during a live television program by saying,

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